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TuneIn Radiohelp and info

  • What is TuneIn Radio?

    TuneIn Radio is an incredible little radio and streaming application that allows users to access many different types of audio content from one convenient place. TuneIn radio acts a lot like a hybrid of ITunes Radio, satellite radio, and your AM or FM dial.

  • How do I use TuneIn Radio for Android?

    Using TuneIn Radio is quite simple. You can search through a variety of genres through the search bar. Once you’ve selected a station of your liking, you’ll connect and hear content almost automatically.

  • How do I install TuneIn Radio on an Android?

    Installing TuneIn Radio for Android starts at the Play Store. Simply search “TuneIn” on their search bar, click on the teal-coloured TuneIn icon and begin following the prompts to download/install. The newly downloaded app should show up in wherever you store your applications within seconds of downloading.

  • Is TuneIn safe?

    Yes! TuneIn is safe and secure. Like all Android certified applications, users need not worry about contracting viruses or haphazardly sharing unwanted information through TuneIn. However, it is important to note that the regular version of TuneIn has ads. Although TuneIn itself is safe and secure, clicking on some of these linked ads could lead users down a path into virus territory or otherwise.

  • Is TuneIn Free?

    Yes. TuneIn is a free application that works best on Android. Users can opt to download TuneIn through the Play Store or any other Android-recognizable application buying software. However, they can also use an application-downloading database, like Softonic, to download the app at no cost.

  • What is TuneIn Premium?

    TuneIn Premium is the ad-free version of the app that offers users more perks beyond the regular TuneIn Radio. What’s good about the premium version is that it is usually offered as being “Risk Free For 7 Days” for regular members. This offer should pop up when browsing around the application.

  • Does TuneIn have any problems?

    While TuneIn is a pretty reliable Internet type of broadcasting service, it does have a few bugs that could be worked out. One such bug is dropped content. It’s recommended that users try uninstalling and then reinstalling the application should inconsistencies like unclear signals or dropped content occur.

  • Are there any frequency radio stations on TuneIn?

    Yes. Most of the stations offered on TuneIn are National News stations that may vary depending on region. Some of the North American frequencies include, but are not limited to: KMUW, WBUR-FM, KCSM Jazz 91.1, and KPBX.

  • Can I cancel or manage my TuneIn favourites?

    Yes. While some users just use TuneIn without signing up and creating a profile, users can also choose to “favourite” certain channels and manage content through their favourites list. Don’t like the channel any more? Easy, just un-favourite the channel and move on to something else.

  • What kind of stations, formats and genres does TuneIn have?

    TuneIn offers a number of great content ranging from news, talk, and sports to gospel, country, Hispanic, and oldies!